Recommended DMM Reading for Movements

I’m often asked about good books for those wanting to see Kingdom movements or disciple-making movements (DMM).

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Here are some excellent places to start:

1. The Bible. If you only choose one book, this is the one!
Read and ask:
– What is God’s ultimate vision? What is He working towards?
– How did Jesus, Paul and others make disciples?
– How did Jesus, Paul and others lead?

2. Contagious Disciple-Making by David Watson & Paul Watson. Principles, fundamentals and first steps in DMM for a North American audience. Stretching read. The authors don’t pull any punches as they challenge God’s people to operate differently for the sake of the harvest. This book is not for the faint-hearted!

3. The Kingdom Unleashed by Jerry Trousdale and Glenn Sunshine. A call to re-examine what we do as Christians in light of Scripture and what God is doing amongst UPGs over the last 50 years. Highlights some blockages to the growth of God’s Kingdom and ways we can better align.

4. From Megachurch to Multiplication by Chris Galanos. A megachurch pastor’s journey towards DMM with his congregation. Includes both DMM practitioner and church leadership perspectives.

5. Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale. Stories and principles from DMMs in Sub-Saharan Africa

6.  If You Can Eat You Can Make Disciplesby Peter Roennfeldt. Very practical guide to interacting comfortably about spiritual things with those around us. Practical examples drawn from the author’s personal experience and Scripture.

7. Spent Matchesby Roy Moran. A large church pastor’s journey towards DMM and a hybrid model for his congregation.

8. Bhojpuri Breakthroughby Victor John. The story of one of the earliest modern DMMs in Northern India, from the 1990’s til present.

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