I’ve spent the last 20 years following Jesus. Much of that time I have been communicating cross-culturally in different parts of Asia, and in recent years particularly focused on coaching those who are hungry to explore Jesus for themselves in the context of their own communities.

I believe that God is genuinely working to fulfil Habakkuk 2:14, Matthew 28:18-20 and Revelation 7:9-11. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ or ‘when’ He will do this, but ‘how’ He is doing it.

I also believe it is His joy and delight to involve us. He wants us to actively join Him, not as task that has to be completed from duty, but as a source of joy to Him, to us, and to everybody who responds to His overtures. Reconciliation and transformation on an individual and corporate scales are life-giving. To be invited to participate in what only God can do and entrusted with a part to play in it is amazing, and reinforces and deepens our appreciation of the Father and desire to know Him and walk with Him.

I believe that salvation is about knowing God (Jn 17:3) – walking in active relationship with Him. Seeking Him, listening, and responding with trust and obedience based on His authority and His proven character.

I believe it’s impossible to separate ‘evangelism’ or ‘mission’ from our own relationship with Him. All of it is Kingdom – the reign and rule of the King. Personal growth in intimacy through trusting obedience to the Father will result in personal transformation, reconciled and strengthened relationships around us, and people experiencing and trusting God for themselves and passing that on.

All that to say that this blog will probably deal mostly with “movement” dynamics, principles and insights, but it can’t possibly focus on a specific task to the exclusion of other aspects of the Kingdom.

This is totally going to be a work in progress and I’m sure it will have plenty of rough edges and things that could be expressed better than I will express them. Please help me identify these things, and please be gracious as you do so!

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